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Background Cloudinary

Cloudinary is the market leader in providing a comprehensive cloud-based image and video management platform. Cloudinary is used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world, from small companies to large companies. Cloudinary for that matter is to fulfill your every need related to images and videos.

Cloudinary is a SaaS technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Israel. The company provides cloud-based image and video management services. It allows users to upload, store, manage, manipulate and transmit images and videos for websites and applications. Cloudinary is used by more than 550,000 web and mobile application developers at more than 6,000 companies including Condé Nast, Dropbox, Forbes, Outbrain, Taboola and Answers.com. Inc. Magazine has called Cloudinary the "gold standard" of image management on the web. Cloudinary was founded in 2011 in Israel by Itai Lahan (CEO), Tal Lev-Ami (CTO), and Nadav Soferman (CPO).

Cloudinary was founded in 2011 by a group of high-tech veterans who have worked on a wide variety of web projects over the past two decades and are tired of implementing the same media management solutions over and over. Over the years, they have evolved in the framework of web development hands-on, from simple tools to cutting-edge platforms. Today, you can quickly build impressive, fast, scalable, and affordable web applications that you could only dream of in the past. However, they still spend a lot of their R&D time managing media assets. They never had time to perfect Cloudinary's media management solutions. They decided to build a cloud service that would offer an end-to-end solution for all of their image-related application needs, by developer to developer. Just like what many people always imagine. This is how Cloudinary was born.

Cloudinary's mission is to help companies unleash their full media potential to create the most compelling visual experiences. They develop technology solutions that give everyone, from early stage innovators to global brands, the power to unleash the full potential of their media by creating, accelerating and managing image and video experiences for their web and mobile apps. As a result, companies can deliver greater business value, including faster time to market, higher user satisfaction, and increased engagement and conversions.

Forms of Partnerships

1. API integration with Cloudinary

2. CDN integration for most Nickgenom assets

3. and so on

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