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The copyright notice from Nickgenom is a form of awareness of the ownership of other people's copyright works that we will never claim. We fully recognize that copyright to artwork is the result of quality hard work, and Nickgenom really appreciates it.

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Copyright and Intellectual Property are the exclusive rights of the Creator or The Copyright Holder to regulate the use of the results of casting certain ideas or information. Basically, copyright is the "right to copy a creation". Copyright can also allow the right holder to restrict illegal copying of a work. In general, copyright has a certain limited validity period.Wikipedia

On the basis of the above understanding, Nickgenom realizes that all template assets are taken from other web sites, which may be found on the Nickgenom website are the property of the respective designers and or developers of the asset.

For copyright information on all templates can be found on the Nickgenom website, is the result of hard work of the designer or developer of each template. Standard credit links can be found in all templates, etc.. To a designer or developer website. Credit links are usually found in template footers that Nickgenom never removes or claims. For more information on copyright and / or Rights of each template or layout, please visit the respective designer or developer website.

Nickgenom has never (and will never) take credit or in any way claim ownership, copyright or Rights of any template assets or a layout of an existing template that is exhibited or has been submitted to our website, unless they / have been / have been made by us.

Modified Assets

Template assets

On the template assets. Nickgenom makes modifications to the existing template assets without losing their authenticity or intentionally changing the copyright of the original template creator or designer. To support our action, We always attach the original template source, where we got the template from. The modification process is only for the purpose of optimizing the performance of the existing templates and without copyright modification.

Image assets

On image assets. Most of the pictorial works on the Nickgenom website are copyright of various artists from all over the world, joined in artist community DeviantArt. Nickgenom recommends using image assets within reasonable limits and non-commercial use, "Fair Use" means that certain public and private uses of copyrighted works do not require permission from the copyright owner. The situation is very limited, complex to legally analyze and requires the assistance of expert advice from a lawyer. We recommend that you speak to your own attorney if you want to find out more about fair use that applies to the work you do. If it turns out it's not fair use, You may be responsible for very serious money damage. To learn more about fair use, You can open here., here., here., and here..

To make it easier to understand, use all of these image assets for personal and teaching purposes as we do.


Nickgenom highly appreciates the copyrights of artists and intellectual property rights of others. Nickgenom tries very hard to avoid illegal piracy of other people's copyrights. If in your opinion on one of Nickgenom's pages it tends to violate the copyright of others, please if you are willing to tell us so we can follow up, here..