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Welcome to Nickgenom. I am a pure website developer who is self-taught, who is always curious about many things to make the internet a better place. Internet is my hobby. I like to try and experiment with various things including websites. Right now my soul seems to be more interested in the world of art and internet technology.

There is no special education to develop this website, but I have a strong dedication to give people the best place on the internet, with a focus on the characteristics of the website content.

The learning process has been running since late 2016 and has started building a website in early 2017, I have gone through many failed and successful processes until I finally reached the success stage on the Nickgenom website. Nickgenom has gone through many ideas to make the public richer in the experience of discovering and searching content for use in various website developments. My previous learning process in creating several websites as a means of experimentation seems to have been worth it. On the Nickgenom website I feel better than ever thanks to the past experiences I've had, not much but very meaningful.

I hope you enjoy this website and benefit from it, because that is what Nickgenom was built for, namely to provide the greatest benefit to the internet public. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me, here

Yours faithfully,

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Endi Hariadi