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The Space Science template is a simple yet very responsive HTML template, dedicated to developers who have a focus on space science or astronomy. This template can be used for any scientifically oriented website. It can also be used by companies or projects that like to highlight the scientific or aspirational aspects of their products. This website template works with all modern web browsers.

You can also use this template to build a beautiful blog website. According to my personal assessment, this template design is quite unique and rarely available on the free template market. By using this template even for those of you who are still new to it, of course you will be able to produce a website that looks very professional.

What are the features contained in this template:

  • Responsive mobile friendly HTML version
  • Pure HTML code
  • CSS file open source code
  • Images: compressed version
  • Design source, in this case, PSD file

Original Source

This website template belongs to a website developer named Zlatan Stajić, M.Sc.. If you search for this template on Google you will also find that this template has been published on the website

But We'd rather show you to the original author at with this original template page here:


MIT (Open Source) - Free to use for personal and commercial use.


The original features in this free version of the template before being modified are as follows:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Pure HTML5 (created by Zlatan Stajić, M.Sc.)
  • Pure CSS (created by Zlatan Stajić, M.Sc.)

Main Technology



This template that you see is a free version free to use, it has been described in the license sub-heading above. In the process of modifying this template we have included the following technologies in its configuration:

  • Minify JS using Terser v5.3.1
  • Minify CSS using Less v3.12.2
  • Node Sass v4.14.1 and Dart Sass v1.26.10
  • Stylus v0.54.8
  • PostCss Preset Env v6.7.0 and PostCSS Import v12.0.1
  • Configured using Autoprefixer v9.8.6
  • Configured using Babel v7.11.6
  • Configured using Webpack v4.44.1
  • Configured using CoffeeScript v2.5.1
  • Configured using TypeScript v4.0.2
  • Adding favicon files:
    • ./images/favicon.ico
  • Image optimization:
    • ./images/mobile/mobile-close.png
    • ./images/mobile/mobile-collapse.png
    • ./images/mobile/mobile-expand.png
    • ./images/mobile/mobile-menu.png
    • ./images/space-shuttle-original.png
    • ./images/alien-life.jpg
    • ./images/alien-life-original.jpg
    • ./images/astronaut.jpg
    • ./images/astronaut-original.jpg
    • ./images/bg-about.jpg
    • ./images/bg-about-original.jpg
    • ./images/bg-home.jpg
    • ./images/bg-home-original.jpg
    • ./images/curious-rover.jpg
    • ./images/curious-rover-original.jpg
    • ./images/earth-satellite.jpg
    • ./images/earth-satellite-original.jpg
    • ./images/finding-planet.jpg
    • ./images/finding-planet-original.jpg
    • ./images/galaxy.jpg
    • ./images/galaxy-original.jpg
    • ./images/mars-rover.jpg
    • ./images/mars-rover-original.jpg
    • ./images/martianrover-journey.jpg
    • ./images/martianrover-journey-original.jpg
    • ./images/moon-landing.jpg
    • ./images/moon-landing-original.jpg
    • ./images/moon-satellite.jpg
    • ./images/moon-satellite-original.jpg
    • ./images/new-satelliteish.jpg
    • ./images/new-satelliteish-original.jpg
    • ./images/project-image1.jpg
    • ./images/project-image1-original.jpg
    • ./images/project-image2.jpg
    • ./images/project-image2-original.jpg
    • ./images/project-image3.jpg
    • ./images/project-image3-original.jpg
    • ./images/project-image4.jpg
    • ./images/project-image4-original.jpg
    • ./images/satellite-dish.jpg
    • ./images/satellite-dish-original.jpg
    • ./images/space-station.jpg
    • ./images/space-station-original.jpg
    • ./images/bg-transparent1.png
    • ./images/bg-transparent1-original.png
    • ./images/favicon.png
    • ./images/favicon-original.png
    • ./images/icons.png
    • ./images/icons-original.png
    • ./images/logo.png
    • ./images/logo-original.png
    • ./images/satellite.png
    • ./images/satellite-original.png
    • ./images/space-shuttle.png
  • Optimization of CSS and JS files:
    • Optimized and replaced the mobile.css file with mobile-nick.css
    • Optimized and replaced the style.css file with style-nick.css
    • Added files and
    • Optimized and replaced the mobile.js file with mobile-nick.js
    • Added file
  • Optimization of html files:
    • Optimization of index.html file
    • Optimization of the about.html file
    • Optimization of the blog.html file
    • Optimization of the contact.html file
    • Optimization of proj1.html . file
    • Optimization of projects.html file file
    • Optimization of the singlepost.html file
  • Code line optimization:
    • Fixed the position of /js/mobile-nick.js above the /body line of the /head line
    • Fix load mode js/mobile-nick.js to defer
  • Video player optimization:
    • Added the ability to play embed videos and saved videos.

Template Repair

No fix


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