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Who doesn't want to work fast? of course not. Everyone wants to get things done fast. But more important than that is to succeed with good results. Building a website is the same. Someone wants to build a website that is fast but looks good. For experienced developers, this is certainly not a problem. But for someone who is new to the world of web sites, of course this is a dark side that must be illuminated.

If someone new to it is looking for a website builder tool, it really is all over the world and they all offer something fast, good and will look professional. This curious and simple task can sometimes be very difficult to choose from because there are so many website builders out there that his curiosity often turns to disappointment because he doesn't know which tool is the right one for his website project. This will only give him a headache.

In this page, I would like to share references for those of you who need a website builder tool, it is easy to use, fast, almost all of which do not require coding skills, and the results certainly look very good and professional. We will focus on tools that operate online, whether paid or completely free. Many of the following tools are my valuable search results because it has taken a lot of time to simply search for a website builder online.

If you are a new person, this page is the right place for you. But please note that this page does not rank website builders according to good or bad. Because according to the author, all builder websites are good and make it easier for others who need them. This page will display the website builder based on its existence, with what is and without a champion ranking rating. Everything depends on your choices and wise decisions.

Simbla | Drag and Drop Builder.

We start from Simbla. This is a free featured online website builder and website app. With this Simbla you can create Web Applications, Online Database Websites, and build and manage SaaS products. If you are one of those people who don't like coding, you should give this a try. Before you can use Simbla, you need to register yourself. Simbla offers 2 types of accounts. Free and paid.


With a free Simbla account you will get free features such as:

  1. 300 MB storage
  2. Bandwidth of 300 MB, and
  3. Simbla Domain

These three things are free forever without conditions. Other features that you will need may have a limited usage period, which is 30 days from use, such as; databases, user-tailored applications, blogs, news, product catalogs, and so on.

If you are interested, you can visit this Simbla using this link:

8b | Drag and Drop Builder.

Through this website you will be able to easily build a website project according to what you want. They offer practicality and convenience, no coding. They also offer user friendly drag and drop methods.


You can create your website for free forever.


What do you get with a free account? :

  • Free subdomain *
  • SSL security certificate that allows you to run your website over the https protocol.

If you are interested you can visit this 8b using this link:

Layoutit | Drag and Drop Builder.

Layoutit is a website or rather an online front-end website building tool. Layouit was built with love for everyone and can be used absolutely free of charge at no cost. You can build a website template based on Bootstrap 4 and can download the results when done.


Besides that, they also provide css code generator tools to configure your css code.


This entire system of tools basically requires no coding skills at all. But you could do better if you include coding knowledge in relation to Bootstrap 4 and css. This will be a combination that can support the perfection of your project, of course.

If you are interested, you can visit this Layoutit using this link:

Readymag | Drag and Drop Builder.

One more website that has a free website template builder tool. As we all understand, no good website builder is completely free without embedding its branding. But even so, you still have special features that can be used for free forever.

On the Readymag website you get free features if you don't want to pay anything. These features include:

  • 1 Website project that may be published at one time
  • Unlimited draft projects (unpublished projects)
  • 10 Pages per website project
  • 1 Collaborator for team work
  • Branding Made with Readymag

If you are interested, you can visit this Readymag using this link:

Yola | Drag and Drop Builder.

So far, Yola has managed to catch my eye. This is a subjective opinion. You don't have to follow my decisions and choices. If you have a free account on this builder's website, you will have these free things to use forever:

  • Yola subdomain
  • 2 websites may be built
  • Limited to 2 pages only
  • 8 blocks per page
  • Storage with a capacity of 1 GB
  • Mobile-ready website


If you are interested, you can visit this Yola using this link:

Wix | Drag and Drop Builder.

Wix is a very flexible and powerful website template builder as far as this page is concerned. Wix is provided free of charge but is limited. There are some features that free user accounts don't get. If you want something more sophisticated, you can budget more for it. Several professional features, such as your own domain name or e-commerce, are available in their premium packages from "Combo" to "Business VIP".


This one builder has one sophisticated feature that other website builders may not have, namely ADI or abbreviated as Artificial Design Intelligence. Wix makes use of artificial intelligence technology to help you to produce professional projects.

When you are just starting to create your project using the services of this Wix website, you will be presented with options to create using ADI or by using a regular editor. As shown by the following picture:


If you're interested, you can visit this Wix using these links:

Imcreator | Drag and Drop Builder.

This builder pampers the user with convenience since the user visits this website. You will immediately be presented with several choices of website templates that can be changed according to your wishes. And if you really want to change the layout, you'll have to create an account first. Don't worry, this site builder seems to put your work and concentration on building the project rather than having to think about how much it costs.


With Imcreator you can freely create your website projects with ease but still look professional. And save it when everything is done, give it a website name and specify your domain name. However, you cannot publish it directly. You have to prepare a budget for this. Don't worry, they offer a price that won't burden you.


If you are interested you can visit this Imcreator using this link:

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