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This catalog page features representative articles and a collection of the best Nickgenom templates taken from various interesting sources on the internet

Modern CMS Website Platform

Tags: Reference

A content management system (CMS) is software that provides website creation, collaboration, and administration tools that help users with little know...

We Build

Tags: Bootstrap, Modification, Templates

WeBuild is a responsive bootstrap template coming soon. Simple, flat and minimal design with jQuery countdown and polygonal background. By the time we...

Above - Education Template

Tags: Bootstrap, Templates

<article class="post-default text-gray-darker blog-post-wrap">Above is a responsive bootstrap template with an educational theme. Built with quite a number of useful sample pages for both novice and professional ...</article>

Portfolio - (Blueprint Template)

Tags: HTML5, Templates

<article class="post-default text-gray-darker blog-post-wrap">Free HTML portfolio blueprint pages with 3 and 6 columns for building a basic website. This is part of a collection of templates for beginners and pro...</article>

Coming Soon + Modification

Tags: Bootstrap, Modification, Templates

<article class="post-default text-gray-darker blog-post-wrap">Sssoon is a free Coming Soon page template built with bootstrap 3. On the original page where this item's design was first created, it is stated that ...</article>

Mobster + Mod

Tags: Bootstrap, Templates

<article class="post-default text-gray-darker blog-post-wrap">Mobster is a free responsive bootstrap 4 template. The Mobster template has a Responsive layout with Mixed Columns and uses an HTML 5 doctype. It is m...</article>

Material Kit React + Mod

Tags: Modification, React, Templates

<article class="post-default text-gray-darker blog-post-wrap">Material Kit React is a Free Material-UI v4.1.0 Kit with a new and fresh design inspired by Google's material design. You asked for it, so we made it....</article>

SB Admin + Modifikasi

Tags: Bootstrap, Modification, Templates

<article class="post-default text-gray-darker blog-post-wrap">SB Admin is a free and open source MIT-licensed Bootstrap admin template. This template uses the default Bootstrap 4 style along with various plugins ...</article>

Space Science + Mods

Tags: HTML5, Modification, Templates

<article class="post-default text-gray-darker blog-post-wrap">The Space Science template is a simple yet very responsive HTML template, dedicated to developers who have a focus on space science or astronomy. This...</article>

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